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Monica Bellucci, the last italian Diva

Monica Bellucci covers the Glamour issue of April. The italian edition of the magazine. of course. I was totally dazed (or amazed) by this cover. She's wearing a Dolce and Gabbana dress, printed with vegetables like tomatoes. Truly, I do not buy Glamour magazine every month. I'm more interested in fashion magazines with great pictures and artistic issues. However this picture give me the chills: I totally adore Monica. I really think she is the last female icon in Italy. In fact this editorial is very bound with her roots: she looks like Sofia Loren.
If you see one of the last Dolce and Gabbana Ad, you can see her next to Bianca Balti dressed in black. I'm a movie lover, so thinking of Monica like a modern main character in a Pietro Germi's movie brings me to the heavens. Enjoy.

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